tara miller – ba hons, cnp

Hello!  I am Tara, a Toronto based Holistic Nutritionist, Intuitive Eating Counsellor and founder of Health Hut, a natural lifestyle shop.  I believe in eating fresh, whole foods, cooking with real ingredients, keeping chemicals out of daily care products and doing what makes you really happy as often as you can.

I do not believe in overcomplicating nutrition, fad diets or one size fits all approach. Instead, I am interested in helping you achieve optimum health in a way that is sustainable and makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle.

Not your average nutritionist, I take a practical approach to health rather than just a clinical one. I want you to succeed, and if that means keeping your favorite food or morning coffee, then I won’t make you change it. By taking small steps to get you to where you want to be, the goal is these will be lasting, sustainable and most importantly, enjoyable changes.

I believe there is more to a healthy, holistic lifestyle than what we put in our mouths and that stressing about strict diets and always making proper food choices can bring us down (which can be just as damaging).

I want you to live a life of health, happiness and balance, and I am committed to helping you achieve that.

My education from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition combined with my degree in Psychology allows me to address the challenges many individuals face when it comes to everyday healthy living. I am realistic in understanding the obstacles that people face day-to-day and take the time to get to know you, your schedule, and your interests in order to create an individual plan that works.

Using this approach I have helped clients with: allergies, acne, digestive distress, headaches, fatigue, inflammation, heartburn, their relationship with food, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and much more.

A regular contributor to Chatelaine.com, watch for my healthy recipes and holistic wellness tips on their site every other week.

In 2011, I opened the Health Hut in Muskoka, Ontario to offer chemical free lifestyle products to cottagers in the area.  Now, we have expanded to include an online shop + Toronto location.  For more information visit www.healthhutboutique.com

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