What kind of nutritionist am I?

6 January 2017

I was recently inspired by fellow nutritionist Sarah B.’s instagram post on who she wanted to be as a practitioner.  It really resonated with me – because up until last year, this was something I was conflicted with myself. When I graduated, I felt like I needed to be a certain way to be a…

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Health Hut’s holiday gift guide

9 December 2016

Tis the season for gift giving!  We’re rounded up some of our favourite all natural lifestyle products from Health Hut for you to share with your loved ones this holiday.  Shopping small will make you feel all warm and cozy, too!  Visit us online or at our storefront at 171 Harbord Street in Toronto, we can’t…

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inside the brand: laura of wildcraft

27 July 2016

I have been a huge fan of Wildcraft from the beginning (Health Hut was one of their first stockists!), but what differentiates a good line from a favourite line, is always the people behind it.  It has been easy  getting to know the team that created this completely natural, local and mostly organic line - partially…

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100+ light + fresh meal (and snack) ideas for spring

20 May 2016

As the weather heats up, the needs of our bodies naturally shift.  We often crave lighter meals and snacks, and raw foods slowly start taking over more space on our plates. Key players include asparagus, peas, radishes, fresh herbs, wild greens like ramps and fiddleheads, arugula and sprouts.  Their bright, crisp colours make for beautiful…

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common client concerns, answered: the 3pm crash

24 March 2016

In my practice I definitely encounter some unique situations, but there are those reoccurring questions and concerns it seems like everyone battles with.  In this new series, I will break down some general burdens and address the real stuff we probably have all at one point or another had to deal with.  First up: “How…

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real life nutrition: camille byrne

18 January 2016

The creative behind everyone’s favourite Cambie blanket that can be found in her lovely Parkdale shop (and Health Hut!), Camille Byrne gives us a peak inside her typical day.   1. Name:  Camille Byrne 2. Occupation:  Owner of Cambie Design 3. Breakfast is usually:  I start everyday with a cup of hot water and the juice…

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50+ warm + cozy dinner ideas…

8 January 2016

…because I don’t feel like drinking juice right now either. During these cold, grey January days its warm, hearty meals I crave.  Meals I can roast, braise, bake and stew.  Meals that take afternoons by the stove to prepare.  During this slower season, it feels good to give into what your body is asking for….

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25 healthy, entertaining worthy dips

15 December 2015

The season of parties is upon us, and that usually involves hosting at least one!  To keep you inspired and save you countless hours of internet searching, I have collected some of my favourite (not just hummus) dips that will look beautiful on a platter.  All are vegetarian, some are vegan and any can be…

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real life nutrition: kate hutcheson

10 December 2015

1. Name: Kate Hutcheson 2. Occupation: Communications Manager (+ graphic design student) 3. Breakfast is usually: During the week I’m not a big breakfast gal — I tend to opt for fruit and liquids! More so because I’m simply not hungry first thing upon waking. So, a banana, big green juice and a warm coffee…

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