real life nutrition: christina grimes

3 June 2015

1. Name: Christina Grimes 2. Occupation: Architect 3. Breakfast is usually: When I’m having an ambitious week, I’ll break out the blender and whip up a smoothie for breakfast.  However, this is a rarity, and 90% of my breakfasts are a quick bowl of plain greek yogurt with fruit (preferably berries when in season), granola and a little honey….

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get your glow on with natural oils

22 May 2015

Why using oils in your natural skin care regime will get you that glow — no greasiness here! Perhaps you’ve heard it before, but are a little weary of giving it a go.  We health hut’ers are here to help reinforce the beauty trend that is getting us all rosy — natural oils are the…

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inside the brand: roohi of leaves of trees

10 March 2015

A few years ago I was lucky enough to have a booth next to Roohi (a fellow Torontonian) at The Green Living Show.  A huge blessing when you are sandwiched in a small space for 3 long days, as a good neighbour makes all the difference.  Roohi and chatted all weekend about green beauty and…

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recipe for black rice veggie bowl

11 February 2015

In writing a vegan meal plan for a client today, I stumbled upon this in the archives.  One of my favourite weeknight comfort dishes, this grain bowl is easy, adaptable and really delicious.  Use my recipe as a base to make your own unique creations from whatever you have hanging out in the crisper/pantry//freezer/spice rack….

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real life nutrition: geoffry reeser

5 February 2015

1. Name: Geoffry Reeser 2. Occupation: Banker 3. Breakfast is usually: A glass of water and a couple cups of coffee, black. Sometimes my wife, Alexandra, makes me shakes with frozen berries, spinach, almond milk, chia seeds and plain greek yogurt- those are the days that I feel awesome. 4. Coffee, tea of green juice:…

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nutrient spotlight: magnesium

29 January 2015

An often overlooked nutrient, magnesium seems to be getting some much deserved buzz these days.  Maybe it is because studies have show that we are chronically deficient (with most adults only getting on average, 66% of the daily recommended amounts) AND the fact that deficiencies manifest themselves in such a variety of super common symptoms….

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real life nutrition: charlie miller aka my dad

15 January 2015

1. Name: Charlie Miller 2. Occupation: Financial Consultant 3. Breakfast is usually:  My breakfast routine changes, lately it has been oatmeal.  I use organic oats and top it with a little bit of maple syrup.  On the weekends I have poached eggs on toast.  Always coffee. 4. Coffee, tea or green juice:  Coffee in the morning with a touch of cream,…

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real life nutrition: katie denby

8 January 2015

1. Name: Katie Denby 2. Occupation: Funny you should ask, Tara – I’m an Occupational Therapist! 3. Breakfast is usually:  A piece of toast with peanut butter, half a grapefruit, and a tall glass of water. 4. Coffee, tea or green juice:  Decaf coffee if there’s a gun to my head, but usually water! 5. Favourite time + place…

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the new wellness blog to have on your radar + elli’s chocolate maca muffins

30 December 2014

If you are lucky enough to meet Elli, creator of “Garden Heart“, a wellness diary with the most gorgeous photography and delicate recipes, you will instantly be inspired to live a healthier life.  Her passion for holistic health radiates, and she has the ability to educate and excite you in the least clinical way possible….

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