real life nutrition: kaelen haworth

18 December 2014

1. Name:  Kaelen Haworth 2. Occupation:  Clothing Designer, KAELEN 3. Breakfast is usually:  Recently it has been egg cups (I mix egg, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, spinach, red peppers, chicken sausage and then bake in muffin cups), used to be smoothies from the juice press but that has changed because a) it is expensive and b)…

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top 5: benefits of ‘pumpkin spice’ + a smoothie recipe for

10 November 2014

We all know pumpkin spice dominates every fall recipe, but did you know that each ingredient has its own set of pretty amazing health benefits.  Although I don’t recommend running to your local Starbucks for a latte, I do recommend trying to incorporate these flavours into your next recipes at home! The breakdown: 1. Pumpkin: …

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inside the brand: julie of province apothecary

25 August 2014

The first time I meet Julie, I was immediately attracted to her big smile and natural beauty.  She radiants passion for what she does, and this comes though in each and every product she creates.  An aromatherapist and holistic healer, Julie offers offers skin care consults in her studio in Kensington market, where she also…

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top 5: reasons to love pineapple

16 August 2014

I have always loved pineapple.  On pizza with mushrooms, tossed in with fried rice, in a fresh salsa over fish, in my morning green smoothie.  You name it, it goes (although many still argue with the pizza combo…)!  Pineapple has a wonderful tropical taste, and it had so many more uses than just making a…

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real life nutrition: greg hitchman

28 July 2014

Because guys have health highs and lows too (and sweet recipes they’ve learned from their moms)… 1. Name: Greg Hitchman 2. Occupation: President, Naylor Group 3. Breakfast is usually: Coffee and a bran muffin. 4. Coffee, tea or green juice:  Coffee… what’s green juice? 5. Favourite time + place to grocery shop:  Loblaws, Queen and Portland….

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inside the brand: tata of tata harper

18 July 2014

I can still remember the day I was introduced to Tata Harper products.  It was four summers ago,  I had just opened the Health Hut in Port Carling, and their distributor Elizabeth Pritchard came in to show me a new luxury skincare line that had just to come to Canada.  The gorgeous packaging, super clean…

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top 5: summer appetizers from my favourite bloggers

13 July 2014

Last night we celebrated my moms birthday.  Preparing for a casual dinner by the water with some of her friends, I found myself scouring my favourite food blogs for fresh, summery (and relatively simple!) appetizers.  I decided on a version of these radicchio cups, but since I’m sure I am not the only one looking…

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real life nutrition: sarah goldstein

8 July 2014

This week I am featuring my friend and follow nutritionist, Sarah Goldstein.  I love learning how other nutritionists live their lives, and it makes me feel better to learn Sarah still has room for chocolate and wine along side her almond milk and green veggies! 1. Name:  Sarah Goldstein  2. Occupation:  Holistic Nutritionist 3. Breakfast…

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inside the brand: tara of meow meow tweet

3 July 2014

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I have fallen completely in love with natural skin and daily care products.  I want to credit this solely to the clean, healing ingredients they contain, but in fact so much is due to the unique and extremely passionate people behind these lines.  The stories of what…

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