delicious spring ontario greens + a local ravioli dinner

28 May 2013

Last week on that rainy Thursday at around 7:30pm Tom and I looked at each other and realized we had no idea what we were going to do for dinner.  It was dark and wet out, we were tired after long work days and had no motivation to cook.  We had just received our latest…

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is it spring yet? + a green smoothie recipe

26 February 2013

Another snow storm, seriously? No matter how many tulips, lily’s and daffodil’s I have been filling my apartment with I guess it still doesn’t make it spring outside. This morning I made a smoothie for some much needed green energy. Greens and Fruit Smoothie Print Author: Tara Miller Serves: 2 Ingredients 6 leaves of lacinato…

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recipe for brussels sprout, beet and pomegranate salad

20 February 2013

A few weeks ago I was asked to write a healthy recipe for I was catching up with my friend Joanna from university, so I thought we would create something together. After few of her favourite ingredients and a couple of glasses of wine later, we came up with a healthy yet satisfying winter…

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a flu-fighting tea that passes the test

16 January 2013

My brother came over last night for dinner and was complaining of a sore throat, stuffed nose and a bad cough. (nice dinner guest, right?)  Throughout the night his symptoms seemed to get worse and he asked me if I had any cold medicine.  Of course the answer was no, so I instead offered to…

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dinners parties + brightly coloured salad

11 January 2013

Anyone who knows me knows that I love hosting dinner parties.  Any chance to have friends and family over together to enjoy fresh, homemade foods excites me.  Last night I had the pleasure of cooking for my boyfriend Tom’s parents.  I wanted to make something classic and comforting, and finally decided on a version of…

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why do I sell tata harper skincare?

16 June 2012

I have always been interested in a natural diet of unprocessed whole foods and enjoying meals that are free of toxic chemicals and pesticides.  However, the safety of my beauty and hygiene products became of particular importance to me after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010. Although we had always been a health…

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its that simple

28 May 2012

This morning while browsing through some of my favourite blogs I came across this simple advice from vegetarian chef and holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton of My New Roots in her interview for So, how was your day?. I thought it was worth repeating. “The three easiest ways to improve your health without taking a trip to the health…

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there really is lead in your lipstick…

21 February 2012

According to a recent study conducted by the FDA, 400 popular lipsticks were found to contain lead. Why is this bad? “Lead, a proven neurotoxin linked to learning and behavioral disorders, is one of the most studied heavy metals. Exposure to lead can cause learning, language and behavioral problems such as lowered IQ, impulsiveness, reduced…

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nutrition for our skin

11 January 2012

As a holistic nutritionist I am constantly advising people on what to put in their bodies for optimum health.  However, we often forget that what we put on our bodies is just as important.  In her book “There’s Lead in Your Lipstick”, author Gill Deacon starts by stating “each morning we spritz, soak, and slather…

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curried lentil soup…my way

16 November 2011

I used to work at a restaurant that had the most amazing curried lentil soup.  I could eat bowls upon bowls and just had to learn how to make it myself.  One day I asked the chef for the recipe, only to find out that the delicious, spicy, salty taste came from a HUGE scoop…

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