the 5 buzziest superfoods according to FASHION magazine (+ me)

11 August 2015

I recently set down and chatted with Emilie Dingfeld, health editor at FASHION magazine about some of the coolest superfoods/supplements everyone should know about.  After much back and forth (there are just so many!), we decided on these guys. 1 2 3 4 5 Illustrations by Nicole Schaeffer Read about why we love them in the…

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nutrient spotlight: magnesium

29 January 2015

An often overlooked nutrient, magnesium seems to be getting some much deserved buzz these days.  Maybe it is because studies have show that we are chronically deficient (with most adults only getting on average, 66% of the daily recommended amounts) AND the fact that deficiencies manifest themselves in such a variety of super common symptoms….

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