What kind of nutritionist am I?

6 January 2017

I was recently inspired by fellow nutritionist Sarah B.’s instagram post on who she wanted to be as a practitioner.  It really resonated with me – because up until last year, this was something I was conflicted with myself. When I graduated, I felt like I needed to be a certain way to be a…

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Health Hut’s holiday gift guide

9 December 2016

Tis the season for gift giving!  We’re rounded up some of our favourite all natural lifestyle products from Health Hut for you to share with your loved ones this holiday.  Shopping small will make you feel all warm and cozy, too!  Visit us online or at our storefront at 171 Harbord Street in Toronto, we can’t…

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3 ways to avoid skin care woes as the seasons change

20 November 2015

Article by Seanna Cohen Changing seasons call for a shift not only in our wardrobes (hello cozy sweaters!), but also in how we eat and treat our bodies. Ayurveda, a traditional healing system from India, emphases that for optimal health the body must maintain a balance of three elements or ‘doshas’: pitta (fire), kapha (water),…

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the new wellness blog to have on your radar + elli’s chocolate maca muffins

30 December 2014

If you are lucky enough to meet Elli, creator of “Garden Heart“, a wellness diary with the most gorgeous photography and delicate recipes, you will instantly be inspired to live a healthier life.  Her passion for holistic health radiates, and she has the ability to educate and excite you in the least clinical way possible….

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top 5: gifts dad won’t realize are good for him

11 June 2014

1. Maple syrup:  Drip’s 100% pure, organic maple syrup still allows your Dad his syrup fix minus any added high fructose corn syrup, oils or gross fillers.  Plus, it’s loaded with healthy minerals!  Aunt Jemima definitely can’t compete with that. 2. Veggie basket:  Looking for an easy way to get your Dad to eat more…

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its that simple

28 May 2012

This morning while browsing through some of my favourite blogs I came across this simple advice from vegetarian chef and holistic nutritionist Sarah Britton of My New Roots in her interview for So, how was your day?. I thought it was worth repeating. “The three easiest ways to improve your health without taking a trip to the health…

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