100+ light + fresh meal (and snack) ideas for spring

20 May 2016

As the weather heats up, the needs of our bodies naturally shift.  We often crave lighter meals and snacks, and raw foods slowly start taking over more space on our plates. Key players include asparagus, peas, radishes, fresh herbs, wild greens like ramps and fiddleheads, arugula and sprouts.  Their bright, crisp colours make for beautiful…

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50+ warm + cozy dinner ideas…

8 January 2016

…because I don’t feel like drinking juice right now either. During these cold, grey January days its warm, hearty meals I crave.  Meals I can roast, braise, bake and stew.  Meals that take afternoons by the stove to prepare.  During this slower season, it feels good to give into what your body is asking for….

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25 healthy, entertaining worthy dips

15 December 2015

The season of parties is upon us, and that usually involves hosting at least one!  To keep you inspired and save you countless hours of internet searching, I have collected some of my favourite (not just hummus) dips that will look beautiful on a platter.  All are vegetarian, some are vegan and any can be…

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50 delicious vegetable based thanksgiving recipes

5 October 2015

To me there is no greater holiday than Thanksgiving.  Without pressure to exchange gifts, you are free to enjoy the crisp weather, colourful leaves and an entire weekend centred around one beautiful meal.  We always go overboard in my family, but when celebrating such an abundant season, it can be hard not to. It is…

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