common client concerns, answered: the 3pm crash

24 March 2016

In my practice I definitely encounter some unique situations, but there are those reoccurring questions and concerns it seems like everyone battles with.  In this new series, I will break down some general burdens and address the real stuff we probably have all at one point or another had to deal with.  First up: “How…

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3 ways to avoid skin care woes as the seasons change

20 November 2015

Article by Seanna Cohen Changing seasons call for a shift not only in our wardrobes (hello cozy sweaters!), but also in how we eat and treat our bodies. Ayurveda, a traditional healing system from India, emphases that for optimal health the body must maintain a balance of three elements or ‘doshas’: pitta (fire), kapha (water),…

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get your glow on with natural oils

22 May 2015

Why using oils in your natural skin care regime will get you that glow — no greasiness here! Perhaps you’ve heard it before, but are a little weary of giving it a go.  We health hut’ers are here to help reinforce the beauty trend that is getting us all rosy — natural oils are the…

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