real life nutrition: camille byrne

18 January 2016

The creative behind everyone’s favourite Cambie blanket that can be found in her lovely Parkdale shop (and Health Hut!), Camille Byrne gives us a peak inside her typical day.   1. Name:  Camille Byrne 2. Occupation:  Owner of Cambie Design 3. Breakfast is usually:  I start everyday with a cup of hot water and the juice…

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50+ warm + cozy dinner ideas…

8 January 2016

…because I don’t feel like drinking juice right now either. During these cold, grey January days its warm, hearty meals I crave.  Meals I can roast, braise, bake and stew.  Meals that take afternoons by the stove to prepare.  During this slower season, it feels good to give into what your body is asking for….

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25 healthy, entertaining worthy dips

15 December 2015

The season of parties is upon us, and that usually involves hosting at least one!  To keep you inspired and save you countless hours of internet searching, I have collected some of my favourite (not just hummus) dips that will look beautiful on a platter.  All are vegetarian, some are vegan and any can be…

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real life nutrition: kate hutcheson

10 December 2015

1. Name: Kate Hutcheson 2. Occupation: Communications Manager (+ graphic design student) 3. Breakfast is usually: During the week I’m not a big breakfast gal — I tend to opt for fruit and liquids! More so because I’m simply not hungry first thing upon waking. So, a banana, big green juice and a warm coffee…

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50 delicious vegetable based thanksgiving recipes

5 October 2015

To me there is no greater holiday than Thanksgiving.  Without pressure to exchange gifts, you are free to enjoy the crisp weather, colourful leaves and an entire weekend centred around one beautiful meal.  We always go overboard in my family, but when celebrating such an abundant season, it can be hard not to. It is…

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real life nutrition: tonya papanikolov

20 August 2015

I had the pleasure of meeting Tonya this summer while working in Muskoka.  We instantly clicked over our mutual love for natural products and healthy food.  Later in the summer, when Tonya kindly invited me to a supper club she was hosting, we had the pleasure of sharing an intimate dinner cooked by a local…

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welcoming summer with homemade trout gravlax

26 June 2015

Long days and warm nights summon simple and cook-free meals.  During these months I find myself attracted to juicy ripe fruit, salads made with fresh produce and local fish like this cured trout by friend and food stylist extraordinaire, Amy Webster.  Below, Amy shares her take on the traditional gravlax: Gravlax comes from the words…

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recipe for black rice veggie bowl

11 February 2015

In writing a vegan meal plan for a client today, I stumbled upon this in the archives.  One of my favourite weeknight comfort dishes, this grain bowl is easy, adaptable and really delicious.  Use my recipe as a base to make your own unique creations from whatever you have hanging out in the crisper/pantry//freezer/spice rack….

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the new wellness blog to have on your radar + elli’s chocolate maca muffins

30 December 2014

If you are lucky enough to meet Elli, creator of “Garden Heart“, a wellness diary with the most gorgeous photography and delicate recipes, you will instantly be inspired to live a healthier life.  Her passion for holistic health radiates, and she has the ability to educate and excite you in the least clinical way possible….

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top 5: benefits of ‘pumpkin spice’ + a smoothie recipe for

10 November 2014

We all know pumpkin spice dominates every fall recipe, but did you know that each ingredient has its own set of pretty amazing health benefits.  Although I don’t recommend running to your local Starbucks for a latte, I do recommend trying to incorporate these flavours into your next recipes at home! The breakdown: 1. Pumpkin: …

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