8 February 2011

Welcome to my blog where I will share with you all my thoughts and experiences on how to achieve balanced bliss in a world full of so many wonderful temptations. ¬†As a holistic nutritionist by profession, a food lover by nature and a real wino from well, I guess experience, I am often faced with some conflicting choices to make. Living in the city and working at a deliciously indulgent restaurant doesn’t exactly make sticking to the straight and narrow any easier. So what’s a girl to do?
Give up all things that most health books tell us to black list? Follow a rigid diet plan counting calorie by calorie as I place them in my mouth? I think not! Make as many healthy choices as I can in a day while leaving some room for the things that I love most in the world (insert fresh baked breads and cheese) if I so feel like consuming them? That sounds more like it. The key is balance. And listening to your body- what makes it feel good and what does not? My body would not feel particularly great if I sat down to eat a burger and fries every morning for breakfast. So I don’t. But do I feel bad if I go out with friends and enjoy every minute of sharing a hot, fresh out of the oven pizza topped with wonderful ingredients …definitely not. The point I am trying to drive home is that stressing out about living a perfectly healthy life can become more unhealthy than having your cake and eating it too (just don’t eat too much!).
Respect your body, strive for balance and the rest will fall into place.

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