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11 January 2012

As a holistic nutritionist I am constantly advising people on what to put in their bodies for optimum health.  However, we often forget that what we put on our bodies is just as important.  In her book “There’s Lead in Your Lipstick”, author Gill Deacon starts by stating “each morning we spritz, soak, and slather ourselves in 127 different chemicals, many of which are toxic”.  From an average daily skincare regime you are likely to get a good dose of hormone disruptors, immune toxicants, reproductive toxins, and human carcinogens mixed in with your “cleansers” and moisturizers.  We are cautious about what we eat- buying organic produce and hormone free meat and dairy- yet still using toxic products that are absorbed thorough our skin and into our blood stream wrecking havoc on our bodies.

With the winter months rolling in and dry, chapped and irritated skin an often inevitable consequence, I thought it would be appropriate to bring awareness to the fact that we should not put anything on our skin we would not want to put in our mouths.

Here are some dos and don’ts on how to take care of your skin naturally this winter:

DON’T Use products that contain parabens, sodium laureth sulfate (SLS), benzoic acid, oxybenzone and FD & C colors and numbers to name just a few!  (for more common toxins in skin care products go to  These are irritating to our skin and even worse for our internal health.

DO Look for products that are made from natural active ingredients rather than synthetics.  For example the essential oil of Calendula can heal dry or damaged skin by working on a cellular level, while petroleum based products (think Vaseline) put a coat on the skin to trap in the moisture while not letting it breathe (not to mention exposing it to dangerous chemicals as a result of being a by-product of oil).

Another great herbal ingredient to look for is Orange Blossom. In addition to its natural astringent and antibacterial properties, this flower helps promote the regeneration of skin cells, having an anti-aging effect.

DO Try the amazing products by Tata Harper  for completely all natural, non toxic skincare- my favourite is the serum which is made with up to 29 active ingredients- all of which you can now conveniently order from my online store!  Also try Canadian made Green Beaver products for local, all natural hair and skin care that really work.  I particularly love both of these companies as they have received top safety scores from The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database (an absolutely amazing online resource to refer to when purchasing any products)!

DO remember to stay hydrated!  If you are dried out on the inside your skin will show it.  Also, make sure to get enough good fats and oils such as avocado, nuts and seed, coconut and olive oil and fish oil to ensure soft and beautiful skin all winter long!


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