top 5: gifts dad won’t realize are good for him

11 June 2014

1. Maple syrup:  Drip’s 100% pure, organic maple syrup still allows your Dad his syrup fix minus any added high fructose corn syrup, oils or gross fillers.  Plus, it’s loaded with healthy minerals!  Aunt Jemima definitely can’t compete with that.

2. Veggie basket:  Looking for an easy way to get your Dad to eat more vegetables?  Just involve the BBQ!  Put any combination of veggies in this basket and simply toss it on the grill.  Way more fun than steaming.

3. Dark chocolate:  We know he loves chocolate, but help your Dad make the switch away from sugar and dairy laden Cadbury bars with this 70% raw cacao treat from the awesome local chocolate makers at Chocosol.  Not only does this bar contain tons of healthy antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it is fair traded and ethically sourced.

4. Fitbit:  Play up the tech lover in your Dad to help him achieve his health goals.  He will be so busy programming, tracking and syncing he won’t even notice all the extra activity he is doing!  And if he is anything like my Dad, the next thing you know he will be walking the golf course, to the grocery store and around in circles just to beat his last record.

5. Toxic-free Sunscreen:  In 2014, it is estimated that 3500 men in Canada will be diagnosed with melanoma.  You don’t want your Dad to be one of them, so pick a chemical free sunscreen such as Graydon’s Sun Cream to protect him from the sun and all those crazy toxic ingredients like oxybenzone found in regular sunscreens. (K fine, maybe this isn’t the sneakiest health gift, but I still thought it was worth including)


If material gifts aren’t your thing, try treating your Dad to a fun activity you two can do together.  A Jay’s game, visit to the museum, local microbrew tour, a bike ride, anything he likes!  Last Christmas we took my Dad to Campagnolo on Dundas West for a private pasta making class.  It was interactive, memorable and pretty hilarious.  Laughter is one of the very best things for your health (and also happens to be completely free), so whatever you do, make sure to share some good times with your Dad this Father’s Day.

Dad pasta making


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