3 ways to avoid skin care woes as the seasons change

20 November 2015

Article by Seanna Cohen

Changing seasons call for a shift not only in our wardrobes (hello cozy sweaters!), but also in how we eat and treat our bodies. Ayurveda, a traditional healing system from India, emphases that for optimal health the body must maintain a balance of three elements or ‘doshas’: pitta (fire), kapha (water), and vata (air). When there’s an imbalance in the body we see it in the expression of ‘dis-ease’ or sickness, which can be evident in many ailments including the condition of the skin.

Traditionally the fall season brings cold and windy weather, and in order to maintain balance, we can combat this with foods that are grounding and immune boosting . . . there’s a reason our bodies starts to crave different foods when seasons change, who wants to eat ice cream on a cold day?

By deliberately introducing warm and energizing foods to counteract the cool and dry weather, your body (including your skin) will be much happier and healthier entering into a new season.

In the same way, we need to alter our skincare routine and introduce more warming and energizing products.

1. Add rich face oils into your daily regime. If oils aren’t already a staple for you, then listen up! By applying oil after your moisturizer (always apply water soluble products first and oil second), you can help nourish skin cells, help heal damage caused by the summer’s sun-worshiping, and prevent skin dehydration.

For this time of year though, don’t just use any oil, look for ones like that are naturally energizing and will help to combat stagnant, dull skin. Try rosehip oil for sensitive/mature skin, seabuckthorn oil for normal/combination skin, and black cumin oil for acne-prone/oily skin. Trust me, you’re going to become addicted to how your skin looks and feels after!

2. Make time for a facial massage. Instead of just slapping oils onto your face and calling it a day, spend some time to massage them in. As you do this, you will lift and stimulate the skin as you go, increasing blood circulation, toning, plumping, and giving your complexion an over-all boost. Massage also allows you to get the most out of your products by increasing their absorption AND increasing their overall effectiveness!

3. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! No matter how much you massage, if your skin is dry and rough, oils and moisturizers will not penetrate, you’ll probably just end up with a greasy face! Exfoliating regularly (1-2 times per week), particularly in the colder months is key to helping your skin’s regeneration process, and will keep it free and clear of dead skin cells which otherwise will prevent all of that moisturizing goodness from seeping in!

The last thing you need to do for the fall is to find a good book, a warm beverage, and cozy up for a while, because the next few months are looooong . . .  but at least you’ll have hydrated and glowing skin!

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Seanna Cohen is a certified skin care therapist and holistic beauty advocate. She is the founder of beauty and wellness website, Elodie Beauty. After years of acne, allergies, and skin sensitivities –trying every conventional product and treatment on the market –Seanna found lasting change by greening her beauty routine and choosing a holistic approach to skincare. Following her passion, and motivated to share this knowledge, she works to help coach and empower individuals to establish a healthier, more natural beauty routine through her holistic facials, skincare consultations, and workshops. Follow Seanna’s journey and get inspired to live a clean, green, beautiful life at elodiebeauty.com


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  1. Excellent tips here! I’m one of those people deeply affected when weather changes – my skin and hair react often before I realize seasons are changing! It’s important to have a plan for dealing with the weather becoming cooler.

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