inside the brand: laura of wildcraft

27 July 2016

I have been a huge fan of Wildcraft from the beginning (Health Hut was one of their first stockists!), but what differentiates a good line from a favourite line, is always the people behind it.  It has been easy  getting to know the team that created this completely natural, local and mostly organic line - partially because their office is just a few blocks down the street from mine – but mostly because we share in the same passion for delivering safe, beautiful and highly effective options, which is obvious in each and every product they (hand) make.  I chatted with co-founder Laura to give you a little peek inside her brand, as well as her day to day life.

1. Inspiration behind the brand in five lines or less:  We were inspired to create Wildcraft out of a desire to bring the luxury of natural skin care to people’s everyday beauty routine. We handcraft our products using high quality, thoughtfully selected and largely organic ingredients, giving our customers peace of mind in knowing exactly what they’re putting on their body. By keeping our recipes simple and our ingredient lists minimal, we’ve been able to keep our entire line of products under $35. We hope that this will empower our customers to easily enjoy the benefits of truly natural skin care.

2. First thing you do when you wake up:  Check social media, drink a big glass of water (preferably with lemon), have a cup of coffee with my husband (and business partner) Jake and inevitably end up chatting about what’s happening with the business.

3. Can’t live without:  Family, friends, good food, good wine (all of those things at the same time preferably).

4. Time of day you are most creative/productive:  I’m one part of a three person team at Wildcraft and I’m responsible for the sales and marketing, which I do out of my home office. In the morning, I usually follow up on emails before heading over to the yoga studio to get my downward dog on. Once I’m back home, re-energized and showered I’ll sit down to get the real work started. My husband, Jake, gets home around 6:30 from his day job and is usually really excited to dive into Wildcraft stuff together. Although it’s often hard to keep working into the evening, I find that this is the time of day when a lot of creativity comes out. It’s awesome to be able to bounce ideas off of each other that we’ve been thinking about during the day.

5. Favourite meal:  I love food very much so the list could go on forever – in general, I’d say it totally depends on the time of the year! Right now I’m feeling lamb burgers with mixed grilled veggies (peppers, zucchini, eggplant) and a greek yogurt, mint, lemon and olive oil sauce.

6. Favourite summer drink:  If someone were to offer me a Margarita on the rocks with some good tequila, I would never say no.

7. How you switch off/relax:  Being near the water and immersed in nature is the most restorative thing that I can do for myself – on the weekends we spend a lot of our time camping, canoeing or cottaging. When I’m in the city I spend a lot of time cooking up something good in my kitchen. I find cooking to be very meditative and I love to work with fresh, beautiful ingredients.

8. City or county:  I grew up lakeside in Eastern Ontario and have lived in Toronto for 11 years. I often like to think of myself as a super sophisticated city slicker but then I say things like ‘city slicker’ and realize that my country roots are still real strong. Overall, I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to live both rurally and in the city, I’ve learnt a ton from both. If I had to choose though, I’d say I feel most at home in the country.

9. Music you rock out to/inspires you while working:  I’m always looking for new music to work to! I find it difficult to concentrate when music with lyrics is playing so I find myself going back to old standbys a lot like Bonobo, Nicolas Jaar, Edo Lee or Bad Bad Not Good. I’ll also go onto youtube, type in “savasana music” and listen to tibetan chanting, lol.

10. Always in your fridge:  Grocery shopping is honestly one of my fave things to do and since I’m not big into clothing shopping, it’s my version of retail therapy. Given this, there are a lot of staples that are pretty much always in my fridge – coconut oil, kale, sauerkraut, lemons, cucumbers, avocados, eggs, onions, red cabbage, celery and at least one herb (usually flat leaf parsley). I try to go organic with all of my staples. If I can’t afford organic, I either won’t buy it or just treat myself to it once in a while. I also refer to the Environmental Working Group’s dirty dozen and clean fifteen list a lot.

11. The best part of switching to natural skin care:  How simple it has been. I now see my skin care products as an integral part of my overall health + wellness routine. It’s not always easy to eat nutritiously, drink lots of water, exercise, get enough sleep, and all that good stuff, but switching to natural skin care takes almost no effort. While I often struggle to step away from the chips (I love them so much) or to get my booty to yoga class (hello Monday mornings), I absolutely never have to motivate myself to use natural skin care. These products have made my skin feel so happy and healthy – I wouldn’t trade them back for anything.

12. All time favourite Wildcraft product:  Ok fave Wildcraft product would have to be the Cleanser + Makeup Remover. Even though I rarely wear makeup I still use this product daily. It’s the perfect quick cleanse after a long day and I love the fact that it is equal parts astringent and hydrating. Other than our Buff which I use every few days it is the only thing that I use to wash my face and I find it keeps my skin super balanced. :)


*I completely agree with Laura!  When I first discovered Wildcraft, The Cleanser + Makeup Remover quickly became a staple in my evening routine. It so easily removes makeup without pulling at the sensitive skin around my eyes, and the honey and chamomile are super nourishing and hydrating.  It even improves eyelash thickness and alleviates dark circles and swelling!  Thanks for sharing with us, Laura!


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