25 healthy, entertaining worthy dips

15 December 2015

The season of parties is upon us, and that usually involves hosting at least one!  To keep you inspired and save you countless hours of internet searching, I have collected some of my favourite (not just hummus) dips that will look beautiful on a platter.  All are vegetarian, some are vegan and any can be made gluten free depending on what you choose to serve them with.  A good way to be inclusive of all dietary needs and personal preferences is to include at least one dairy free option and a few choices to scoop it all up with.  I usually offer a selection of cut veggies, a gluten free rice, nut or seed cracker and then toasted pita or warm baguette to ensure all guests are happy and feed.

Other super easy (and lovely looking) ideas to serve with the dips include: warm olives, smoked fish, raw cheese (always include a sheep or goat variety for those with cow’s milk allergies/sensitivities), fresh/dried fruit and nuts and seeds.

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roasted carrot, chickpea + harrisa dip | the first mess

charred veggie baba ganoush | bon appetit

muhammara | 101 cookbooks

dukkah spiced yogurt dip | love and lemons


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  1. These kind of recipes fire up my creativity…the chick pea in particular, I’m thinking of adding chopped parsley and making it a tabouleh offspring


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