50 delicious vegetable based thanksgiving recipes

5 October 2015

To me there is no greater holiday than Thanksgiving.  Without pressure to exchange gifts, you are free to enjoy the crisp weather, colourful leaves and an entire weekend centred around one beautiful meal.  We always go overboard in my family, but when celebrating such an abundant season, it can be hard not to.

It is always fun to indulge, so my advice for preventing post-meal discomfort and guilt is to create a menu that features real, whole, mostly (or entirely, depending on your style) plant-based foods.  With a focus on fresh, quality ingredients, you won’t have to worry about much else really.

Inspired by a client’s request last week for some vegan and vegetarian friendly meal ideas for the holidays, I have collected 50 seasonal, plant-based recipes from my favourite cooks, blogs + journals to share with you.  Next to turkey or as a meal on their own, these veggies dishes will add vibrancy and nourishment to any table this Thanksgiving weekend.  Happy eating. x



kabocha+squash,+fennel+++ginger+soup+w-+spicy+coconut+cream+-+dolly+and+oatmeal (1)

stuffed za’atar roasted acorn squash | dolly and oatmeal

kale + roasted red kuri squash salad | a house in the hills

kale + shitake mushroom stuffing | love and lemons

kabocha squash, fennel + ginger soup with coconut cream | dolly and oatmeal


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