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25 August 2014

The first time I meet Julie, I was immediately attracted to her big smile and natural beauty.  She radiants passion for what she does, and this comes though in each and every product she creates.  An aromatherapist and holistic healer, Julie offers offers skin care consults in her studio in Kensington market, where she also makes her entire natural skin care line and essential oil perfumes.  Since beginning to work with Julie a little over two years ago, I have watched her line explode in the green beauty scene, impressing everyone with her amazing talents and sparkling personality.

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1. Inspiration behind the brand in five lines or less:  Helping people achieve healthy, beautiful, and radiant skin!  I want to educate everyone about their skin: what might cause certain skin conditions, how to care for these conditions, and how to maintain healthy skin, naturally and holistically.

2. First thing you do when you wake up:  I oil pull with sesame oil. I have been oil pulling for the past three months and I love it. I make my morning smoothie or get ready for my morning run as I do it.

3. Can’t live without: Healthy oils. I cannot imagine living without all the essential oils and carrier oils in my studio!

4. Time of day you are most creative/productive: Morning. That is when my head is clear and I feel motivated to take on the day.

5. Favourite meal: All meals! I love food and luckily my boyfriend is a fabulous cook so every meal is delicious.

6. Guilty pleasure: Sweets. I have a serious sweet tooth (and weakness for chocolate!) which I inherited from my dad. To balance this, I try to make myself weekly vegan treats using natural sweeteners such as dates so that I am less likely to buy sweets throughout the week.

7. How to you switch off/relax: I must admit, I have a very hard time switching off and relaxing. I love working. But I realize that it’s good to take a break, so I relax by meeting up with friends, having a nice dinner, or going for a drink on a patio.

8. City or county:  Toronto, Canada

9. Music you rock out to/inspires you while working: I love the radio! I love flipping around as the day goes on. I switch from jazz, classical, to the CBC, to college radio, to pop. I also am so lucky to have wonderful assistants with amazing tastes in music. They are in charge of what we listen to at the studio!

10. Always in your fridge: I always have kale or some other leafy green! We also always have amazing oils in the fridge- flax, hemp, avocado, and pumpkin.

11. Best part about switching to natural:  I have been all-natural for the last seven years.  Switching to natural has made my skin is less dry and irritated, reducing flaking and breakouts. Going natural has also helped me control my allergies and my eczema.

12. All time favourite PA product: Right now I am headed to a wedding, so I couldn’t leave home without PA’s Clear Skin: it’s a great everyday spot treatment. Also, I always have PA’s Hydrating Rescue Balm in my bag. Always!

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