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10 March 2015
A few years ago I was lucky enough to have a booth next to Roohi (a fellow Torontonian) at The Green Living Show.  A huge blessing when you are sandwiched in a small space for 3 long days, as a good neighbour makes all the difference.  Roohi and chatted all weekend about green beauty and lifestyle and our experiences being young small business owners in this industry.  Roohi’s energy and enthusiasm for everything she does (did I also mention she is a MD?) is so wonderful and refreshing, that I often look back to those conversations (+ the many others we have had since!) as motivation for my own business.


Since that spring, Roohi has opened a shop + production studio on Queen Street East, introduced tons of new high quality products to her line and  garnered international press all over the globe.




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1.  Inspiration behind the brand in five lines or less:  Leaves of Trees is a natural, artisanal skin care brand for people who appreciate luxury and good design. Most of our products contain organic, unrefined argan oil which we get directly from a women’s cooperative in Morocco. We make all our products ourselves in small batches in our workshop just below our shop at Leaves of Trees HQ in Toronto.

2.  First thing you do when you wake up:  I hit snooze several times on my phone. I am trying to end this bad habit but my bed is super comfortable and I really don’t like to leave it unless I have to.

3.  Can’t live without:  My iPhone – yes, I know that is pathetic.

4.  Time of day you are most creative/productive:  Late at night – but I am trying to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to take advantage of those magical early morning hours.

5.  Favourite meal:  I can’t really name a favourite. There are so many meals that I love. It depends on my mood.

6.  Guilty pleasure:  French pastries – like all of them. I live near the Le Petit Thuet production facility, so this is a bit of a problem for me.

7.  How you switch off/relax:  I like to steam. I get a weekly Ayurvedic head massage with lavender argan oil. It is so relaxing!

8.  City or county:  I love to spend time alone in nature, so I think I have to go with country. I do enjoy living downtown also. There is so much going on downtown. I think I would have a lot of trouble living anywhere in between those two though.

9.  Music you rock out to/inspires you while working:  Currently enjoying Marina and the Diamonds.

10.  Always in your fridge:  Hot sauce …. I even sometimes take it on the road with me. EVERYTHING tastes good with hot sauce added.

11. Best part about switching to natural:  I feel like my skin is definitely clearer.

12.  All time favourite Leave of  Trees product:  I have to go with the Argan Oil.  It is such a versatile product and I use it every day – to moisturize my face and to treat and condition my hair.  Since this winter has been so dry, I have also been really loving the Coffee Argan Scrub which can be used on both body and face as a moisturizing exfoliant.




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photo credit: The Love Studio, Leaves of Trees + instagram

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