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18 July 2014

I can still remember the day I was introduced to Tata Harper products.  It was four summers ago,  I had just opened the Health Hut in Port Carling, and their distributor Elizabeth Pritchard came in to show me a new luxury skincare line that had just to come to Canada.  The gorgeous packaging, super clean ingredients and list of clinical trials showing the science behind of each and every product was unlike anything I had seen in the natural beauty world.  Luxury, natural and effective?  I was intrigued.  Then, a month later when Tata herself came to my modest little hut to meet my customers and give them custom facials and skin consultations, I was sold.  Her sweet personality combined with her unwavering knowledge and passion was incredible.  Tata Harper has changed the way many natural skin care and begun what has become a wonderful, and explosive, movement.  Hers was the first skin care line I carried at the shop and although I have since added many to the mix, it continues to be one of my very favourites.

Tata Store

1. Inspiration behind the brand in five lines or less:  I was inspired to create a line of high-performance antiaging skincare products that deliver real, visible results without a single drop of synthetic chemicals, because I believe in beauty without compromise! Skincare products should contribute to our overall health and wellness, not compromise it. I was inspired to create a line that featured the latest and greatest in antiaging skincare technology, but that was 100% natural and nontoxic.

2. First thing you do when you wake up:  I hop in the shower, do my whole skincare regimen, and then I go to wake up my kids to get them ready for school.

3. Can’t live without:  My Elixir Vitae anti-aging serum, chocolate treats for an afternoon pick-me-up, and lazy Sundays spent playing outside with my kids.

4. Time of day you are most creative/productive:  I’m most productive early in the morning, right when I get to the office, and again later in the evening, just after the kids have gone to bed.

5. Favorite meal:  I love grilling hamburgers outside with meat from our own grass-fed animals, raised on our farm, with heirloom tomatoes and local Blue cheese on top, and a fresh spinach salad on the side. We really only get to enjoy that sort of perfect meal in the summertime, but we try to have lots of barbecues and parties so I have excuses to make it!

6. Guilty pleasure:  Ben and Jerry’s pistachio ice cream!

7. How to you switch off/relax:  I use my aromatherapy treatments lots of times throughout the day to create little moments of relaxation or centering; my Aromatic Irritability Treatment is my personal favorite. My favorite way to fully relax is just to be around my children – they immediately make me present and focused on what’s happening right now, which is usually a lot more fun than being stressed about work.

8.    City or county:  I have to say I pick both! I’ve spent years living in cities – New York, Miami, Paris – and love that lifestyle. But now I am settled in the country, on a Vermont farm, where we’re raising our three kids. I find the country to be relaxing and restorative, but I still love taking trips to New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Chicago… I’m traveling all of the time for work, and I love that visiting cities keeps me feeling inspired and energetic.

9.  Music you rock out to/inspires you while working:  In the office, I’m usually in meetings so I don’t have music playing, but we have speakers connected around our house and are always playing Latin dance music. When I’m traveling and listen to my music on my own, lately it’s been a lot of John Mayer and Daft Punk.

10. Always in your fridge:  Harmless Harvest coconut water, and blueberries for snacking.

11. Best part about switching to natural:  The irresistible glow that it gives the skin. There’s a healthy radiance and luminosity that you just can’t get with synthetic products.

12. All time favourite Tata Harper product:  The Rejuvenating Serum would have to be my favorite… it’s really the product that inspired the whole line. It’s an amazing multi-tasker, and combats practically every sign of aging in the skin, plus it has a blend of natural neuropeptides that reduce muscle contractions to fight wrinkles. I’ve been using it for years, and its’ worked wonders.


Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 12.44.40 PM

This last photo is from an event I hosted at the start of the summer in a gorgeous cottage by the lake.  We featured all Tata’s products and introduced our guests to her super natural collection.  Not at all surprisingly, it was meet with an overwhelmingly positive response.






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